Get the latest 10 items from the API of any ItemType:

planet data search --limit 10

Get recently acquired PSScene3Band ItemType records:

planet data search --item-type PSScene3Band --date gt 2017-02-14

Item types can be specified case-insensitively, with prefix matching in the CLI:

planet data search --item-type psscene --date gt 2017-02-14

Search for a month. Note: criteria are applied as an AND filter:

planet data search --item-type PSScene3Band --date acquired gt 2017-02-14 --date acquired lt 2017-03-14

Use the geometry defined in aoi.json to constrain a search for both PSScene3Band and PSScene4Band:

planet data search --item-type PSScene3Band --item-type PSScene4Band --geom aoi.json

Output a search filter to a file:

planet data filter --range cloud_cover lt .1 --geom aoi.json > my-search.json

Create a saved search from a filter in a file with some additional options (this will output the search id for later use):

planet data create-search --item-type PSScene3Band --string-in satellite_id 0c12 --name my-search --filter-json my-search.json

Execute a saved search:

planet data saved-search 4782d4118fee4275860665129a1e23c1

Get statistics using a filter from a file:

planet data stats --item-type Sentinel2L1C --filter-json my-search.json

Activate and download the latest 3 PSScene3Band items to images-download-directory.

Note: this might take some time and directory must exist:

planet data download --item-type PSScene3Band --limit 3 --dest images-download-directory

Integration With Other Tools

The output of search results is valid GeoJSON so these can be piped into a file or tool.

Create a gist using the gist command:

planet data search --item-type psscene --limit 100 | gist -f latest-scenes.geojson

Searching Using a Shapefile

Searching an area of interest described by a Shapefile, can be accomplished by chaining commands with Fiona.:

$ fio dump santiago-de-chile.shp | planet data search --item-type psscene --geom @-

Note: the @- value for –geom specifies reading from stdin

Extracting Metadata Fields

Using jq, useful information can be parsed from data returned by the Planet API.

$ planet data search --item-type psscene --limit 100 | jq -r ".features[].id"

Search Overlapping Imagery

Querying for Planet scenes that overlap another data source is easily accomplished by using Rasterio. Given that this Landsat scene was taken on April 14, 2015, it might be useful to search for Planet scenes that were taken in a similar timeframe.

$ rio bounds LC82210682015104LGN00_B1.TIF | planet data search --item-type psscene --geom - --date acquired gt 2015-04-12 --date acquired lt 2015-04-14